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fibreglass batt insulation

Fiberglass Batts are the most common material used for insulating the walls of homes in Ottawa today. Fiberglass batts are cost effective and efficient when installed properly with appropriate vapour and air barrier.

The problem is that anybody can slap a batt in the wall and staple some plastic over it- This is not good enough. Care must be taken when installing the batts to ensure that each and every cavity is properly filled with the appropriate batt. The batts must be neatly cut to fit, and not compressed into the stud spaces. This is why it’s extremely important to have an experienced professional handle the installation. You may change your roof or windows, but your Insulation is there to stay.

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On top of this, while fibreglass makes a good insulator, it is ineffective at preventing air flow. Fibreglass insulation works by trapping millions of tiny pockets of air within the material, creating many ‘layers’ of air and fibreglass which have great thermal retention values. But if air is permitted to travel through the Insulation the heat will not stay trapped there. For this reason it’s important to have appropriate vapour and air barriers in place, and to maintain their integrity throughout the build. These are what stop the air flow, and allow the Insulation to reach its maximum potential.

Fibreglass batts in new construction homes.

In summary, fibreglass batts are efficient but must be installed correctly and with adequate barriers. Let us take care of your Insulation needs and sleep easy knowing the job is done correctly.

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