How’s Your Attic Insulation?

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Loose fill fibreglass blown insulation

Most people don’t realize the Ontario Building Code now calls for a minimum of R-60 attic insulation. To achieve R-60 with fibreglass insulation you need approximately 22″ of blown-in insulation.

Attic Insulation in Ottawa is no joke.

Improperly installed, insufficient, disturbed or damaged attic insulation can lead to many issues. Some of these include mold, fungus, drafts, condensation, soggy or discolored drywall and wasted energy.  In fact, it can also lead to permanent damage to your homes roof system from ice damming.

Ice damming occurs in homes that have inadequate or damaged insulation combined with a lack of ventilation from the eaves (vented soffit) to the peak, (gable or ridge) vents. This ventilation is designed to allow unconditioned air to travel in through your vented soffit, along the underside of the roof, exiting at the peak. This ventilation channel (in the winter) allows cold air to keep your roof sheathing from heating up, which keeps snow and ice from melting enough to create any ice damming issues. 

When ice damming occurs, under the right conditions, it allows bulk liquid water to pool on your roof rather than remain frozen or drain off. Due to the design and installation process of asphalt shingles and metal roofing, they are unable to prevent pools of water from seeping underneath them. When water can make its way underneath your roofing materials, it will slowly damage (rot) the sheathing that’s underneath, meaning your next “new roof” will need to be a new roof, and not just fresh shingles. If you thought roofing was expensive before, you don’t want to experience this.


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